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Pregnancy Massage

A gentle warm oil massage that connects you to your baby

  • 1 hour
  • 100 Australian dollars
  • Schofields|Blacktown

Service Description

Pregnancy Massage is different from a normal massage, it provides healing to both the mother and her bub. Duration of massage: 1 hour Focus areas: Abhyanga (deep tissue, oil massage) supports the body to heal and thrive. This massage focuses on your legs, back, shoulders, neck, face, and head. Benefits: - Reduces anxiety and stress - Reduces risk of premature birth of baby - Helps with your overall mood and emotional state - Helps reduce cramping and nerve pain - Provides better sleep and relaxation - Circulates lymph and decreases swelling and discomfort - Enhances health of the skin, makes it strong, soft & lustrous - Decreases the effects of aging & increases longevity - Promotes healthy appetite & strong digestion - Nourishes the body and baby by removing toxins & providing nutrients to tissues - Strengthens the immunity, energy & vitality - Imparts a firmness to the limbs - Bestows good vision Who is this best for: For those that are in their 2nd or 3rd trimesters. Especially for pregnant women, who undergo phases of hormonal shifts, sleepless nights, cramps and emotional rollercoaster, The massage makes a difference in the pregnancy journey. It eases pain and discomforts, lift your mood, calms your inner peace and takes the pressure off your feet, particularly the swollen feet, which is the most common concern of pregnant women. What to expect: Unlike normal massage, during a pregnancy massage, the pregnant woman must be lying on her side not on her stomach or back. Pregnancy or prenatal massage involves gentle and light pressure. While massage strokes vary according to the health condition and requirement of the specific person. Most of the herbalised oils contain 10 to 20 herbs with sesame oil or coconut oil as the base. The oil has special benefits according to the herbs and oil used. Siri will select the most suitable herbal oil for you based on your individual temperament. When we apply oil, the body becomes more flexible, and able to bend with the challenges of life. We feel nourished, grounded and supple. This is an amazing practice for women before pregnancy, during pregnancy with modifications, and especially important postpartum! How often: The number, frequency and duration of massage required will vary from person to person and the imbalance. It is highly recommended to have a session once a month during your pregnancy once you reach the 2nd trimester.

Contact Details

  • 26 Raewyn Crescent, Schofields NSW, Australia

  • Go Vita, Patrick Street, Blacktown NSW, Australia

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