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My Story

Hello! I'm Siri, the founder of Prana² and a certified Holistic Practitioner, based in the vibrant city of Sydney, Australia. I am fortunate to have trained under Shanti Gowans, a globally recognized expert in Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurvedic medicine. Shanti's teachings alongside Deepak Chopra, her vast array of health, yoga, and meditation books, her presence on Australian television, and her drive to establish Ayurvedic medicine as a nationally accredited certification in Australia have all been inspiring to my journey.

Prana², established in 2020, is a nexus of seasoned professionals including third-generation Ayurvedic doctors from India and Yoga experts. My life's mission is to share the light of this traditional knowledge worldwide.

As a dedicated healer, I am deeply committed to helping my patients navigate various physical, emotional, and spiritual transitions using tailored treatments. The potency of my holistic approach is demonstrated time and again by the remarkable healing it brings about.

I am supported by a formidable team of professionals who enrich our holistic care.




  • Dr. Arun Kumar, a BAMS qualified Ayurvedic Doctor & Surgeon

  • Heba Shaheed, Women's Physio and Yoga Therapist

  • Shikha Sharma, Remedial and Ayurvedic Massage Therapist

We are also partnered with:

  • Safia Marabani, a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner

Together, we strive to provide comprehensive and personalized healing experiences. Whether you're dealing with physical discomfort, emotional distress, or seeking spiritual growth, our team is here to facilitate your journey.


But, what is Prana²? 

Prana is a Sanskrit term denoting vitality, breath, and the universal life force, akin to mana (Hawaii), ki (Japan), chi (China). This life force connects the body and soul, manifesting on various levels—causal, subtle, and physical. Diminished life energy can lead to physical illness and a decline in our mental creativity. At Prana Squared, we focus on replenishing this vital force in women, irrespective of their life stage, helping to rejuvenate their Prana.

Ayurveda played a significant role during the births of my children. While my first childbirth came with high functioning anxiety and breastfeeding difficulties, an Ayurvedic retreat in India identified these as manifestations of a post-partum Vata imbalance. Adapting to an Ayurvedic diet, herbs, and lifestyle changes, I restored my mental and physical health. My second childbirth experience, despite a medical diagnosis of IUGR amid a pandemic-affected work schedule, was vastly improved by following Ayurvedic principles, enabling me to carry my baby to full term and experience a natural delivery.

I have a successful background in corporate Marketing, boasting a Masters degree from the University of New South Wales. My career has been decorated with several accolades, including an International award. However, my passion for helping others led me to transition into the realm of Ayurveda. With my dual skills in marketing and Ayurveda, I not only help individuals improve their health but also assist small to medium businesses with their marketing endeavors. I'm a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and find immense joy in the wellness of those I treat.

Get a glimpse into my world via my Instagram feed, brimming with pictures of my children and our adventures.

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