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My Story

Hi! I'm Siri, owner of Prana². I am an accredited Holistic Practitioner residing in Sydney, Australia. I have trained under Shanti Gowans, a world renowned icon of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurvedic medicine. Shanti has taught and lectured along side Deepak Chopra, has brought her knowledge to Australian television appearing on channel 10 for a number of years and is also an author to over 30 health, yoga and meditation books. Shanti paved the way to make it possible for students to formally study Ayurvedic medicine in Australia, making it a nationally accredited government certification.


I founded Prana² in 2020 and am connected to a team consisting of experts ranging from 3rd gen Ayurvedic doctors based in India to Yoga specialists, and more to make the very best in traditional knowledge accessible to the entire world. I truly belief my life's purpose is to spread the light of this knowledge across the world!

What does Prana² mean? 

Prana is a Sanskrit word with many meanings but most generally understood to mean vitality, universal life force, breath, mana (Hawaii), ki (Japan), chi (China). It is manifested at causal, subtle and physical levels. It is the connecting force between body and soul.

Our physical fatigue often results in illness and despair and our mental fatigue in a diminishment of our imaginative and creative capacity and the drive needed for the preservation of the ego. Ideas die in their creator’s brain because of the lack of vital energy to give them birth. When vital energy flops (even temporarily), we find it difficult to work and enjoy life.

At Prana Squared we nurture womanhood. Whether you are single, a partner, expecting or a mother. We will help restore your Prana and multiply it so you can share it with your children or significant other.

How I got interested in Ayurveda and ancient medicine

I first learned about Ayurveda through my parents, they would tell me to take certain herbs and practise lifestyle changes that I followed without understanding why. They always helped me feel good but I never thought much of it. I was always interested in a spiritual way of life and explored several religions since I was 16 years old. Through my journey I discovered ancient sciences which made so much intuitive sense. I was particularly moved by what I learnt about Ayurveda, Unnani/Prophetic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

However, it wasn’t until after I had my first child that Ayurveda became a crucial part of my life. I was 2 months post-partum with high functioning anxiety, breastfeeding issues, and a strong feeling to change who I was. I saw doctors who basically told me that nothing was wrong, referring me to other specialists with no real treatment plan.

Everything changed when I went on an Ayurvedic retreat in India, where they identified the root of my problem and offered me a way back to health. According to Ayurveda, in post-partum the mom is very sensitive because of a large disruption to Vata (the air and space element). After giving birth, Vata is aggravated and can cause problems if not addressed properly. 

I was also told that my temperament/body type is Pitta-Vata which explained my strong urge to change. In Ayurveda, everything is interconnected. When a woman gives birth, she gives birth to a new version of herself. This new version was actually the temperament I truly am, the mind-body realised I need to be the best version of myself to give everything to this new life that was given to me. I discovered I lost my true self due to a traumatic childhood.

Once I addressed the increased Vata through foods and diet, herbs and lifestyle changes my symptoms went away. I went from being anxious and introverted to being confident, present and  back to my normal self able to focus on my self-care and the care of my baby.

When my second child was born, I knew what to do to heal myself and ensure that I do not go into an imbalance like I did when I had my first. With my second, it was a completely different experience. I was diagnosed with IUGR as I was working long hours due to the new covid environment. My baby was not growing like the medical professionals wanted him to. They offered no guidance and every appointment heightened the stress that my baby would potentially be born with abnormalities unless I agreed to a induction as early as week 35.

Thanks to my Ayurvedic practitioner, I was able to turn around the situation simply by taking herbs, changing my diet and focusing on self-care. I carried till full term and had a natural delivery. My gorgeous boy is now almost a year old and is doing just fine. 

My experience post-partum was powerful and I am still in awe of all that it has imparted on me. I experienced the healing and trans-formative effects of Ayurveda with simple, attainable, and practical diet; lifestyle changes; and herbal recommendations. This lesson was so important and impactful that I want to share the knowledge and healing power of Ayurveda with all who seek wellness.

Educational Background

I graduated from University of New South Wales with a Masters in Marketing. I worked as a Marketing Professional for over 10 years, my career has been rewarding and I won many awards in my field.  Although I had a successful career, something was missing. I had always wanted to help others. After my personal transformative experience post-partum, I wanted to share that with the world and help other mums heal. I'm already seeing the rewards of applying this science on my friends and family, watching them heal gives me joy like no other.

Ayurveda Background

I have a certification as an Holistic Naturopath/Ayurvedic Practioner.  My accredited course in Ayurveda has covered all of the basics plus more in depth training in pulse reading, post-partum care and herbal preparations. 


Check out my Instagram feed below for pictures of mostly my kids and our  adventures.

I’m a passionate healer with an alternative approach and am dedicated to helping my patients move through a wide range of physical, emotional and spiritual transitions in the most efficient and transformative way possible.


My treatments are specifically tailored to the needs of each patient to make sure they receive the approach that works best for them. Time and again I have seen the incredible healing power of my treatments. Please contact me to find out more.

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