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Homemade Ayurvedic protein balls

Homemade Ayurvedic protein balls

Box of 16

These homemade protein balls are packed with nutrients; they boost immunity, energy and health. They are particularly great for postnatal mums and aid in their recovery. I often refer to them as a lactation cookie on steroids! The secret ingredient in these protein balls is acacia gum which is excellent for boosting energy and is beneficial for people with a weak nervous system, anxiety, depression and low vitamin D levels.

These protein balls also help lubricate the joints, they are extremely powerful to reduce back pain as well as other joint pains. They are a good rich source of fat and fibre, build immune system, loaded with calcium and protein which are needed to develop and maintain strong bones.

Dosage: max 2 a day

Ingredients: Contains nuts: almonds, cashews; shatavari, organic finger millet flour, organic ghee, acacia gum (edible), dried coconut, organic whole wheat flour, cardamom, brown sugar.

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